CPC Holder Recruitment & Introduction Service

Operator Licence Assist Ltd can manage the recruitment of your Transport Manager, nationwide. After a short consultation to obtain a good understanding of your requirements, we will advise you of the available options to compliment your business. The options include;
  • Interim Transport Manager Recruitment (This includes Internal and external CPC holder)
  • A Part Time External CPC holder Introduction
  • The recruitment of a Full Time Transport Operation Manager with the required CPC qualification
  • Short notice or planned Transport Manager support for sickness, holiday, maternity or paternity cover
We have a
database  of qualified Transport Managers across the UK and will arrange an introduction or manage the recruitment process for a fixed fee.
If you are looking for a CPC holder, or are a qualified Transport Manager with availability to be a designated Transport Manager on an additional Operators Licence, please complete the form below or call us on 07554 014 957.

Transport Manager’s Duties
An internal transport manager and an external transport manager understand that their duties include;

Drivers administration - including the checking of drivers' licences and driver CPC qualifications (DQC), ensuring that the retention of drivers hours records (no less than 12 months) and working time records (no less than 24 months) and both are made available upon request.

Drivers management - ensuring compliance with the driving hours rules (EU or Domestic Hours rules); that drivers record their duty, driving time and rest breaks; to download and store digital tachograph unit data (at least every 90 days) and from the drivers’ smart cards (at least every 28 days); ensuring that the following records are retained - drivers’ hours, Working Time Directive (WTD), and that they are available to be produced during the relevant period; ensuring that drivers are adequately trained and competent to operate relevant vehicles and equipment.

Drivers operations - ensuring drivers are completing and returning their driver defect reporting sheets and that defects are recorded correctly and cross checked, and that drivers and mobile workers take adequate breaks and appropriate periods of daily and weekly rest;

Vehicle administration - including ensuring that vehicle maintenance records are retained for a period of no less than 15 months, ensuring that vehicles are specified as required and that operator licence discs are current and displayed correctly; ensuring safe loading with appropriate indicators fitted, that tachograph calibrations are up to date and displayed, that there are up to date insurance certificates; a suitable maintenance planner is complete and displayed with preventative maintenance inspection dates at least 6 months in advance, to include the annual Test and other testing or calibration dates.

Vehicle management - ensuring that vehicles and trailers are kept in a fit and roadworthy condition, that defects are either recorded and repaired promptly and where not roadworthy are taken out of service; to make vehicles and towed equipment for safety inspections, service, repair and statutory testing available at the appropriate times and within the notified O-licence maintenance intervals; to liaise with maintenance contractors, manufacturers, hire companies as might be appropriate. Ensuring that vehicles and trailers are parked at the nominated operating centre(s) when not in use.

Licence administration – ensuring that the traffic commissioner is made aware of any relevant matters within 28 days including convictions and prosecutions of the transport manager(s) or drivers and also of their own resignation should they leave the employment of the operator.
These are the tasks that your designated Transport Manager signs up to provide as part of the application process. This is not the complete list of tasks that your Transport Manager must complete and it is only possible for your Transport Manager to be able to complete their duties if they actually attend your operating centre on a regular basis.

We only arrange introductions with Transport Managers that actually provide you with the time required to manage your Operator Licence. There are cheap options available from what is known in the industry as 'Ghost Transport Managers' . There are many examples of how 'Ghost Transport Managers' have caused operators issues and they should not be tollerated as they are putting your Operators Licence, Business and potentially members of the public, at risk. 

If you are concerned that you may be working with a 'Ghost Transport Manager' and would like confidential advise on how to identify one, or would like assistance in managing a replacement Transport Manager. Please contact us using this ' form ' or call us on 07554014957.