Application Service

Our fixed fee, Operator Licence Application service will provide you with all of the support and professional advice needed to get you through the process. We are proud of our 100% successful applications record with all OL and Major change applications managed by OL Assist.

Our Operator Licence Application package includes;

  • Consultation to establish your licence requirements
  • Completion of the ‘GV79’ application form (Restricted, National & International)
  • Completion of the ‘INT1’ interim application form (optional)
  • Completion of the ‘TM1’ form (National & International)
  • Preparation of the correctly worded newspaper Public Notice advertisement
  • Preparation of the Transport Manager introduction letter
  • Preparation of the Transport Manager agreement
  • Preparation of the Operating Centre consent letter
  • Preparation of the Maintenance Provider agreement
  • Checking of all relevant documents.
  • Regular communication with the Traffic Commissioners Office during the application process
  • Regular updates of the progress of your application

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You will need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if your business uses goods vehicles above a certain weight.
The rules are different if you’re in Northern Ireland.
You need a licence to carry goods in a lorry, van or other vehicle with either:
a gross plated weight (the maximum weight that the vehicle can have at any one time) of over 3,500 kilograms (kg)
an unladen weight of more than 1,525 kg (where there is no plated weight)
There are 3 different types of licence - what you need depends on the work you do.
You must also make sure that any drivers you use or employ have the correct licence and training. All vehicles that you use should be correctly taxed and kept safe and in good condition at all times.
Some goods vehicles don’t need an operator’s licence - read more about the exemptions.

Motor Vehicles and Trailers
You’ll need a goods vehicle operator’s licence for a motor vehicle and trailer combination if:
the motor vehicle and the trailer(s) are plated and the total of their gross plated weights is more than 3,500 kg
the total unladen weight of the vehicle and trailer combination is more than 1,525 kg
You don’t need an operator’s licence if your trailer’s unladen weight is less than 1,020 kg and you only carry your own goods.

Carrying Goods for Hire or Reward
You’ll need a standard licence if you’re carrying other people’s goods for hire or reward (eg working as a courier or freight transport business) and the vehicle and trailer combination exceeds the weight limits above for a single vehicle.

There are 3 different types of operator’s licence for goods vehicles. The licence you need depends on where you transport goods to and from, and who you do it for;

Standard National Licence
This licence means you can carry:
your own goods in the UK and internationally
other people’s goods in the UK
You can also take loaded trailers to or from ports within the UK as part of an international journey, as long as your vehicles don’t leave the country.

Standard International Licence
This licence means you can carry your own goods, and other people’s goods, both in the UK and on international journeys.
When you get a standard international licence, you can also request the issue of Community Licences. These allow:
trips between all EU member countries
transit traffic through EU member countries
cabotage (journeys entirely within another EU member country)

This licence allows you to carry your own goods, but not other people’s goods.
Your licence will continue to be valid as long as you pay your continuation fee every 5 years and operate within the terms of your licence. You’ll be contacted every 5 years to make sure that your licence shows the correct information.

Cost of a Licence
If you apply for a Restricted or Standard licence, you must pay a one-off £257.00 application fee. If your licence application is successful, you will then have to pay a licensing fee of £401.00 which covers a period of five years.

Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing fees Cost

  • Application fee for a licence GV79 or for a (publishable) variation (GV81) £257
  • Application fee for a Restricted Licence for own-account operators £257
  • Fee payable for the issue of a licence £401
  • Fee payable for the continuation of an existing licence £401
  • Fee payable for the issue of an interim licence or direction £68

If you had an existing Standard (Hire or Reward) licence prior to 1 July 2012, you will need to apply for a new licence under the Goods Vehicles Act before the current one expires. You must pay the application fee of £257.00 when applying for your licence as well as the £401.00 grant fee. All fees are non-refundable.