Operator Licence Compliance Audit

Once an Operators Licence has been granted, the Operator and the Transport Manager are responsible for the safe and compliant running of their goods vehicles. The declaration that must be signed during the application process for both the Operator and the Transport Manager, can be found below.

The external compliance audit provided by Operator Licence Assist Ltd is strictly confidential and will demonstrate your level of compliance against current Traffic Commissioner requirements. You will be provided with a detailed audit report and recommendations to improve your compliance.

We recommend that all operators should carry out an internal compliance audit at least every 3-6 months and an external audit at least every 12 months. We strongly recommend an external audit if ‘No’ is the answer to any of the following questions;

  • Have my vehicles and trailers that are 12 years old received a safety inspection (PMI) in the last 6 weeks?

  • Have my vehicles and trailers received more than 2 brake tests during the last 12 months?

  • Do I know what my Transport Manager does to ensure compliance of my Operators Licence?

  • Has the designated Transport Manager visited my operating centre in the last 4 weeks or provided you with confirmation of the tasks completed during this time?

  • Is there a controlled process for defect reporting and rectification in place?

  • Is there a controlled process for recording and filing Pre-Use Vehicle/Trailer Checks in place?

The cost of our audits are a fraction of the potential costs of having your Operators Licence revoked/suspended, a damaged reputation, a reduction of permitted vehicles or any extra conditions imposed on your Operators Licence.

Request a call to book your confidential audit or to find out more using the form below. Alternatively call 07554014957.

Please see the Declaration for the Operator to sign on the GV79 Operator Licence Application form;

Section 16 - Undertakings and Declaration (Please read Guidance Note 16)

I understand that by signing the application I am accepting the undertakings below; that they will be recorded on the licence; that failure to comply with the conditions or undertakings recorded on the licence may result in the licence being revoked, suspended or curtailed; and that failure to comply with these conditions is also a criminal offence.

  • The laws relating to the driving and operation of vehicles used under this licence are observed;
  • The rules on drivers’ hours and tachographs are observed, proper records are kept and that these are made available on request;
  • Vehicles and trailers are not overloaded;
  • Vehicles operate within speed limits;
  • Vehicles and trailers, including hired vehicles and trailers, are kept in a fit and serviceable condition;
  • Drivers report promptly any defects or symptoms of defects that could prevent the safe operation of vehicles and/or trailers, and that any defects are recorded in writing;
  • Records are kept (for 15 months) of all driver reports which record defects, all safety inspections, routine maintenance and repairs to vehicles, and that these are made available on request;
  • In respect of each operating centre specified, that the number of vehicles and the number of trailers kept there will not exceed the maximum numbers authorised at each operating centre (which will be noted on the licence);
  • An unauthorised operating centre is not used in any traffic area;

Furthermore, I will notify the traffic commissioner of any convictions against myself, or the company, business partner(s), the company directors, nominated transport manager(s) named in this application, or employees or agents of the applicant for this licence and, if the licence is issued, convictions against the licence holder or employees or agents of the licence holder;
I will ensure that the traffic commissioner is notified within 28 days of any other changes, for example a change to the proposed maintenance arrangements; a change in the financial status of the licence holder (e.g. if placed in liquidation or receivership), or a change to Limited Company status or partnership, including changes in the named directors or partners that might affect the licence, if issued.

Standard Licence holders only:

I must be able to prove that I have a formal arrangement for access at all times to at least one vehicle registered or in circulation in GB. This could be by specifying a vehicle for use under an O-licence or by demonstrating on request that I (the licence holder) has a vehicle available – so vehicles may be either wholly owned or held under a hire-purchase, hire/leasing arrangement or other type of formal arrangement.

I have an establishment in Great Britain (GB) with premises in which I keep core business documents. These include (as a minimum) accounting and personnel management documents and data on driving time and rest. I understand that the use of a PO Box or third party address is not permitted.

Please see the Declaration for the Transport Manager to sign on the TM1 Add a Transport Manager form.

13a . Transport manager’s declaration:

By signing the relevant declaration below (as per your answer to section 5) you are confirming your status as an internal transport manager, an external transport manager, or both, and understand that your duties include;

  • Drivers administration - including the checking of drivers' licences and driver CPC qualifications (DQC), ensuring that the retention of drivers hours records (no less than 12 months) and working time records (no less than 24 months) and both are made available upon request;
  • Drivers management - ensuring compliance with the driving hours rules (EU or Domestic Hours rules); that drivers record their duty, driving time and rest breaks; to download and store digital tachograph unit data (at least every 90 days) and from the drivers’ smart cards (at least every 28 days); ensuring that the following records are retained - drivers’ hours, Working Time Directive (WTD), and that they are available to be produced during the relevant period; ensuring that drivers are adequately trained and competent to operate relevant vehicles and equipment.
  • Drivers operations - ensuring drivers are completing and returning their driver defect reporting sheets and that defects are recorded correctly and cross checked, and that drivers and mobile workers take adequate breaks and appropriate periods of daily and weekly rest;
  • Vehicle administration - including ensuring that vehicle maintenance records are retained for a period of no less than 15 months, ensuring that vehicles are specified as required and that operator licence discs are current and displayed correctly; ensuring safe loading with appropriate indicators fitted, that tachograph calibrations are up to date and displayed, that there are up to date insurance certificates; a suitable maintenance planner is complete and displayed with preventative maintenance inspection dates at least 6 months in advance, to include the Annual Test and other testing or calibration dates;
  • Vehicle management - ensuring that vehicles and trailers are kept in a fit and roadworthy condition, that defects are either recorded and repaired promptly and where not roadworthy are taken out of service; to make vehicles and towed equipment for safety inspections, service, repair and statutory testing available at the appropriate times and within the notified O-licence maintenance intervals; to liaise with maintenance contractors, manufacturers, hire companies as might be appropriate. Ensuring that vehicles and trailers are parked at the nominated operating centre(s) when not in use.
  • Licence administration – ensuring that the traffic commissioner is made aware of any relevant matters within 28 days including convictions and prosecutions of the transport manager(s) or drivers and also of my own resignation should I leave the employment of the operator.

I confirm that:

  • I shall effectively and continuously manage the transport activities of the licence
  • holder/applicant;
  • I have a genuine link to the licence holder/applicant; and
  • I am resident in the European Community.

External transport manager’s declaration:

I confirm that:

  • I am resident in the European Community;
  • I shall perform my tasks solely in the interests of the licence holder/applicant;
  • I shall be the transport manager for a maximum of 4 operators, with a combined maximum total fleet of 50 vehicles; and
  • I have a contract with the licence holder/applicant which specifies the tasks I must perform as transport manager.

Should I fail to meet any of the above requirements I understand that the traffic commissioner has the power to disqualify me from being a transport manager in any European Union country. I also understand that I do not become a CPC holder for the licence(s) named until this is confirmed in writing by the Traffic Commissioner.